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I have a web site solution (asp.net) that runs on a SQL server database. I have several of those installations running and i want to create an administration module which can monitor and interact with them all. - and if all goes well - push/upgrade an installation to FTP/SQL.

What is the best approach to architecturing this?

  • SHould i simpley just integrate with the database on each installation (easiest approach as i see it) but this will give problems when/if I upgrade the database model

  • Should I write a webservice which interacts with the database and i "simply" connect with this webservice on each website when i need to administer it?

Any solutions i havent thought about is very welcome


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The latter would be a better approach as this would give you independence from any underlying customisations to the installations.

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I agree abstract the implementation into a webservice, and then use something like the enterprise library to interact with the datastore.

This will give you a good framework to work from and should help decouple your application, resulting in more flexiblity moving forward.

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