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Working on the Open Street maps and paperfold css animation.

I have placed a map in the

<section class="comment" style="height:250px;">
     <p> <div id="demoMap" style="height:250px;"></div></p>

But it couldn't display the full map. I don't know the exact reason but I guessed that in js library that couldn't clone the tiles of the map.

createFold: function(j, topHeight, bottomHeight){
      var offsetTop = -j*topHeight;
      var offsetBottom = -this.height+j*topHeight+this.foldHeight;
      return $('<div>').addClass('fold').append(
              $('<div>').addClass('top').css('height', topHeight).append(
                $('<div>').addClass('inner').css('top', offsetTop).append(this.content.clone())
              ).add($('<div>').addClass('bottom').css('height', bottomHeight).append(
                $('<div>').addClass('inner').css('bottom', offsetBottom).append(this.content.clone())

So will there be a way to clone the tiles of map or am I going wrong. If so how could I achieve this...

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do you know what's 'this' ?

Please console.log(this) to find out the context.

look like 'this' cause the issue.

in my opinion, 'this' refer to the object under which createFold is

found out what's this, and does this has the clone() method.

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