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I have 3D model which I have created in three.js. Based on some data, I want to create a set of arrows which is decorated by a small text label. These labels should be in 2D.

It seems like I have two alternatives: either use a separate canvas element to create a texture which in its turn is used in the 3D model, or use HTML on top the 3D model's canvas element.

I'm wondering how to go about this. Which is the "correct" way to do this? Any suggestions and example code is very welcome!

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If you don't mind that the text will always be on top (e.g. if the object is blocked by something else, its text label will still be visible and on top of everything else), and that the text will not be affected by any rendering like lights/shadow, etc, then HTML is the easiest way to go imho.

Here is some sample code:

var text2 = document.createElement('div');
text2.style.position = 'absolute';
//text2.style.zIndex = 1;    // if you still don't see the label, try uncommenting this
text2.style.width = 100;
text2.style.height = 100;
text2.style.backgroundColor = "blue";
text2.innerHTML = "hi there!";
text2.style.top = 200 + 'px';
text2.style.left = 200 + 'px';

Substitute 200 in the style.top and style.left variables for the y and x coordinates (respectively) you wish to place the text. They will be positive values where (0,0) is the top left of the canvas. For some guidance on how to project from the 3D point in your canvas to a 2D point in pixels in your browser window, use a code snippet like the following:

function toXYCoords (pos) {
        var vector = projector.projectVector(pos.clone(), camera);
        vector.x = (vector.x + 1)/2 * window.innerWidth;
        vector.y = -(vector.y - 1)/2 * window.innerHeight;
        return vector;

Make sure you have called camera.updateMatrixWorld() beforehand.

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Thanks for the answer! I had some issues projecting the coordinates myself, but it turned out I forgot to do a camera.updateMatrixWorld() before projecting the vector. The result was unusable values way off the screen. –  navlelo Mar 8 '13 at 10:25

If you actually want to include text (or any image) from a canvas object as part of your 3D scene, check out the sample code at: http://stemkoski.github.com/Three.js/Texture-From-Canvas.html

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I used your example when figuring it out for the first time :) Thanks a lot for great tutorials! I am wondering though, why is it that using the canvas method results in blurry text (at least its rendered like that on my machine)? –  navlelo Mar 13 '13 at 9:03
Perhaps it is an artifact of antialiasing? –  Lee Stemkoski Mar 13 '13 at 13:59

You can create a 2d canvas and use css to position it to the top of your webgl canvas. Then you can draw text on it using the ctx.fillText(text,x,y) or ctx.strokeText(text,x,y) methods provided by the 2d canvas context. By using this method you can draw other things besides text, such as arrows and meters.

You can use the method as suggested by @kronuus to convert a point from 3d to 2d space.

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