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What is the (a) worst case, (b) best case, and (c) average case complexity of the following function which does matrix multiplication

for i=1 to n do
    for j=1 to n do
        for k=1 to n do
        end {for}
    end {for}
end {for}

How would you justify the complexity?

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i, j and k all go from 1 to n.

Therefore the best, average, and worst cases are O(n * n * n) = O(n^3)

For each of the n possible is, there are n js and for each of the n js, there are n ks. Which gives n * n * n executions of the inner loop.

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O(n^3), because on each of the nested loop, N is multiplied by N, since you have a nested loop 3 times which completely process the entire N, that will be N X N X N = N^3

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