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I'm new here, (and no coder, I am working as Architect) but over the last months I've browsed this place very often to find solutions to several problems I encountered while making a new website for our architectural office. The site is already online, but I still have a problem I like to get solved to get it work like I would want to.

In the site I used jquery Isotope on several places and in different ways. but for our news section I used isotope to show the newsitems available. The newsitems are populated from a xml-file, and when you click the image, the newsitem will enlarge and extra text info is added, aswell as imagebuttons and more. Because the items are enlarging there is need for a re-layout of the raster, and frequently news-items are moving out of view after re-layouting.

To solve that problem I want to scroll to the destination item, and focus on it again. I used Ariel Flesher's Jquery.ScrolTo plugin to get this problem solved (which is working great on the portfolio part of our site). The problem is that I can't figure out which coordinates to scroll to. Currently I am using the top of the used image as placeholder, and that seems fine, but when I am setting my scroll command after the re-layout command it's still scrolling to the old place of the image, not to the place after re-layouting.

So in short my question is, How can I get the new coordinates after relayout, to provide them to the scrollfunction?

//          change newsitem from small to big
        $container.delegate('.element.crid_1 .img_container','click',function(){
            /* img src */               
            var ori = $('img', this).attr('src');
            if(ori != undefined){
                var string = $('img', this).attr('src');
                var bigpicture = string.truncate(-6)
                $('img', this).attr('src',bigpicture +'01.jpg');
                $('img', this).attr('width',512);
                $('img', this).attr('height',512);
            $(this).parent().toggleClass('featured not_featured');
            txt_height = $(this).parent().find('.text').height();                           
            new_height = manage_txt_heights(txt_height);    
            $(this).parent().find('.text').css({"height" : new_height + "px" });


            var imgoffset=$('img', this).offset().top ;
            var calculation = '+='+imgoffset+'px';

above code is what I use to enlarge the newsitem, after the re-layout command, I have put the lines for the scroll behaviour. where the value 800 is the scrollingspeed.

The entire 'working' webpage is available here website newssection

thanks in Advance for any advice. Jan

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That link is broken. I believe you mean: bartduvekot.nl/index.html –  dc5 Aug 17 '13 at 19:44
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1 Answer

you can activate ItemPositionData:

      itemSelector: '.element',
      itemPositionDataEnabled: true
    // log position of each item
      var position = $(this).data('isotope-item-position');
      console.log('item position is x: ' + position.x + ', y: ' + position.y  );


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