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I wish to broadcast the results of an expression to the a dataframe, but not to the entire column, just to a filtered subset. A simplification below:

In [6]: df1 = DataFrame({"A":[1, 2, 3, 4], "B":["w", "x", "y", "z"], "C":(numpy.
zeros((4), dtype='S1'))})

In [7]: df1
   A  B C
0  1  w
1  2  x
2  3  y
3  4  z

So A and B contain my existing data and column C is prepared to enter my results into. So I can broadcast to the entire column as below:

In [9]: df1['C'] = 'H'

In [10]: df1
   A  B  C
0  1  w  H
1  2  x  H
2  3  y  H
3  4  z  H

But if I try and broadcast (in this example, the letter "R") to a filtered subset:

In [14]: (df1[df1['A'] > 2])['C']
2    H
3    H
Name: C

(just to prove the filtering works)

so now I try and assign "R" to this subset..

In [12]: (df1[df1['A'] > 2])['C'] = "R"

In [13]: df1
   A  B  C
0  1  w  H
1  2  x  H
2  3  y  H
3  4  z  H

But my values remain unchanged :( (though interestingly I do not receive an error!?) Please can anyone suggest a way I can achieve this?

Many thanks,

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First choose the column, then filter:

df1['C'][df1['A'] > 2] = "R"

   A  B  C
0  1  w  H
1  2  x  H
2  3  y  R
3  4  z  R
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Ahhh!!! Oh so simple :-) Thank you..... –  Philip Lawrence Mar 6 '13 at 14:36

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