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I am using the following command with SQL Server 2008 R2 to display companies name(c_name) whose second alphabet is 'e'. I am not getting any results.

select c_name from ind_comp where c_name LIKE '_e'


 Rows 1, 4,7,10

ACTUAL: No rows returned

Sample Table rows (table: ind_comp):

Sno c_name          addrs               turnover
1   pesodent        B-12/7 Kolkata      250
2   Colgate         127 Mumbai          519
3   Prestiege       56H Jharkhand       120
4   Relexo          D-45/12 New Delhi   358
5   Bajaj           450, Channai        840
6   TATA            C/90 Bihar          508
7   Reliance        Y-90 New Delhi      700
8   ShaktiBhog      A 120 Punjab        950
9   Kotak Mahindra  B-12 Mumbai         950
10  Pepsi India     5/40 Haryana        600
11  Air India       WZ-90 Goa           1000
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Did you read the documentation for LIKE? The section on "Using the % Wildcard Character" should make it fairly clear why your query doesn't work. – Pondlife Mar 6 '13 at 15:08

Your query will only return entries that are 2 characters long that end with an e. You need to use the % wildcard to include entries of any length greater than 2 characters.

SELECT c_name FROM ind_comp WHERE c_name LIKE '_e%'
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try using

select c_name from ind_comp where c_name LIKE '_e%'
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