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I'm used to generating route URLs to other controller actions within an MVC controller action using something similar to below:

public class ApplicationController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index( )
        var url = Url.RouteUrl("routename",
           new { controller = "Application", Action = "Index2" , other="other" });

    public ActionResult Index2( string other)

But I also need to be able to generate URLs to MVC controller actions from within webapi too, How would I go about doing this?

There seems to be a UrlHelper property on the APIController but I cant find any examples of how to use this and have not been able to figure it out myself.

UPDATE : The reason I am trying to generate a url is that this particular webapi method sends an email which provides the recipient with a link to direct the user back to an appropriate section of the site. I obviously want to get away from hardcoding this as it will not work for different deployments and also if I begin changing the routing this link will be broken. Is there a better approach to doing this?

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You can use MVC route names as well with web API UrlHelper. Example,

 Url.Link("Default", new { Controller = "Account", Action = "Login" });


 Url.Route("Default", new { Controller = "Account", Action = "Login" });
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You are correct. Thanks –  Kramer00 Mar 11 '13 at 11:32
@TrueBlueAussie you're looking at the wrong UrlHelper. Look at the http one not the mvc one. –  Steve Feb 12 at 18:58
msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/…. If you are using attribute routing, name your routes. –  Steve Feb 12 at 19:04
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