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I have a method which looks the following:

def myMethod[T](klazz:Class[T]):Z

I want to create a Map of type Int => () => Z so that in my code, I can look on the map to generate only the Zs I need.

If I do the following, however:

Map( 0 -> myMethod(classOf[String]) _ , 1 -> myMethod(classOf[StringBuilder]))

how can I avoid writing () => myMethod(classOf[String])?

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Why not simply change myMethod so that it returns a function?

def myMethod( clazz: Class[_]): () => Z = {
  { () => /* put the body of the old myMethod here */ }

Then you can do:

Map( 0 -> myMethod(classOf[String]) , 1 -> myMethod(classOf[StringBuilder]))
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Another way to do this is with a custom associator:

implicit class LazyMapArrow[K](val self: K) extends AnyVal {
  def ~>[V](other: => V): (K, () => V) = (self, () => other)
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