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I have an HTML5 canvas on which a number of images are displayed. I have drawn the images to the canvas using a local copy of the KineticJS library (I'm using a local copy as I wanted to change the functionality it provides slightly).

I now want to write a function that will update the text displayed in an HTML <p></p> tag when the cursor is detected as hovering over a particular image that I have displayed on the canvas.

The function I have written looks like this:

function cursorOverAssetsBox(mouseX, mouseY){
if((mouseX >= assetsDescriptionBox.img_x && mouseX <= assetsDescriptionBox.img_x + assetsDescriptionBox.img_width) &&
    (mouseY >= assetsDescriptionBox.img_y && mouseY <= assetsDescriptionBox.img_height))
    document.getElementById('tipsParagraph').innerHTML = tips[34];

mouseX and mouseY are global variables, and I have defined the variable assetsDescriptionBox using the line

var assetsDescriptionBox = document.getElementById("assetBox");

'tipsParagraph' is the ID of the paragraph whose innerHTML I am trying to replace, and tips[34] is an element from a JS array that contains the text I want to display in the paragraph

"assetBox" is the ID I gave to an image that has been included in the hidden section of my HTML. The image is displayed on the canvas as intended, however, whenever I hover the cursor over that image, I get a console error telling me that "assetsDescriptionBox is not defined"...

I can't work out why this is... haven't I declared it with the line var assetsDescriptionBox = ...? The line it's complaining about is the 'if' statement in my cursorOverAssetsBox function.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?


It also appears that adding the call to cursorOverAssetsBox(mouseX, mouseY); in the _mousemove function in the Kinetic.js file has stopped it being possible to drag and drop the images around the canvas- any ideas why this is?

The assetsDescriptionBox variable has been defined in the following function:

function drawDescriptionBoxes(){
console.log("function drawDescriptionBoxes() is drawing the description boxes");
var assetsDescriptionBox = document.getElementById("assetBox");
var liabilitiesDescriptionBox = document.getElementById("liabilitiesBox");
    var incomeDescriptionBox = document.getElementById("incomeBox");
var expenditureDescriptionBox = document.getElementById("expenditureBox");  

drawBox(assetsDescriptionBox, 70, 400, 120, 70);
drawBox(liabilitiesDescriptionBox, 300, 400, 120, 70);
drawBox(incomeDescriptionBox, 530, 400, 120, 70);
drawBox(expenditureDescriptionBox, 760, 400, 120, 70);


This function is in a separate JS file, called "drawdescriptionboxes.js", and has been added to the head of my HTML file with the line <script src="drawdescriptionboxes.js"></script>

Anyone have any ideas?

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The order and position of your declaration of assetsDescriptionBox is important. Can we see a little more code? –  Elliot Bonneville Mar 6 '13 at 15:08
Sure, will add it in now. –  someone2088 Mar 6 '13 at 15:34
Code to show declaration of assetsDescriptionBox has been added. –  someone2088 Mar 6 '13 at 15:39
Your code looks fine--just make sure you have an element with an ID of assetBox on the page when you declare assetsDescriptionBox, and don't call this function until the DOM has loaded. –  Elliot Bonneville Mar 6 '13 at 15:44
It also would probably be easier to load the image with new Image() instead of using the DOM for this purpose... –  Elliot Bonneville Mar 6 '13 at 15:46

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