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I'm using a Full-screen background jquery slider for a website, which is by default in Pause state.

I tried playing around with the jQuery but it didn't quite worked for me.

I also tried to use trigger method to override the current pause state by click the 'play' button after page load

$(window).bind("load", function() {
  $('a#play, a.play').trigger('click');

but that didn't worked too...

I'm pasting the jQuery script below that possibly does the action


$('body').append('<span id="body_loader"></span>');

//In our jQuery function, we will first cache some element and define some variables:
var $bg             = $('#background'),
    $bg_img         = $bg.find('img'),
    $bg_img_eq      = $bg_img.eq(0),
    total           = $bg_img.length,
    current         = 0,
    $next       = $('#next'),
    $prev       = $('#prev')

    //hide loader
    $('#body_loader').fadeOut('fast', function(){


var intervalID,
    play = $('#play'),
    titleItem = $('.title-item');   

//shows the first image and initializes events
function init(){
    //get dimentions for the image, based on the windows size
    var dim = getImageDim($bg_img_eq);
    //set the returned values and show the image
        width   : dim.width,
        height  : dim.height,
        left    : dim.left,
        top    : dim.top

    //resizing the window resizes the $tf_bg_img
        var dim = getImageDim($bg_img_eq);
            width   : dim.width,
            height  : dim.height,
            left    : dim.left,
            top     : dim.top

    var activeTitle = $bg_img_eq.attr('title');
            var text= $(this).text().split(" ");
            var last = text.pop();
            return text.join(" ")+ (text.length > 0 ? " <span class='word-last'>"+ last + "</span>" : last);

    play.bind('click', function() {
        if($(this).hasClass('pause')) {
        } else {
            intervalID = setInterval("$('#next').trigger('click')", 10000);


    //click the arrow down, scrolls down
            return false;

    //click the arrow up, scrolls up
        return false;

The class & id of div which holds the images is background and play button class and id is play.

The link of the template that i'm working on http://xhtml.webtemplatemasters.com/style/dark/index.html#

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As an alternative you can also use this plugin.



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Add this in your general.js file


And if it's Wordpress Template, then

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