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I'm trying to create a folder structure within My Pictures folder from a Windows store app. But I can't seem to get pass the first level.

I create my first level folder using the following code:

IAsyncOperation<StorageFolder> appFolder = Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary.GetFolderAsync("AppPhotos");

if (appFolder==null)
    //Create folder
    appFolder = Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary.CreateFolderAsync("AppPhotos");

Now I want to create another folder below this call Level1.

I was expecting to be able to do the following:


But I don't have a CreateFolderAsync method from my appFolder.

So, how can I create that Folder and then how would I then select it?

Thanks in advance

I'm using Visual Studio 2012, C#4.5, XAML and I'm writing a windows store app.

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You seem to have missed the async/await revolution there and assume the operation to get a folder is a folder. This should work:

IAsyncOperation<StorageFolder> appFolder =
    await Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary.GetFolderAsync("AppPhotos");

if (appFolder==null)
    //Create folder
    appFolder = await Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary.CreateFolderAsync("AppPhotos");

You also need to add the async keyword in the method signature wherever the above code is located and then also if your method returns a value of type T - change it to return Task<T>, so for method signature:

private void MyMethod()

you would change it to

private async void MyMethod()

and if your current signature is

private bool MyMethod()

you would need to do

private async Task<bool> MyMethod()

Finally in that last case - you would need to also change your calls from

var myValue = MyMethod();


var myValue = await MyMethod();

etc. marking all methods that make calls that await other methods with the async keyword.

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The async equivalent of a void-returning method is async Task, not async void. Other than that, good answer. –  Stephen Cleary Mar 6 '13 at 22:32
Right, I forgot the rule is to avoid fire&forget async methods. –  Filip Skakun Mar 6 '13 at 22:51
But you haven't answered my question. I can already create the folder called AppPhotos but I want to be able to create a folder within that called Level1. That is the question –  Hampton Col Mar 7 '13 at 10:19
If you add awaits to your code so that appFolder is a folder and not an operation - you can just do appFolder.CreateFolderAsync("Level1"); –  Filip Skakun Mar 7 '13 at 14:30
Brilliant. Thanks for you help –  Hampton Col Mar 8 '13 at 11:26

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