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I want to read all new lines from fail2ban logs when filesize or lines count changed. I want to print only new lines in fail2ban logs to specified channel.

I try:

bind time - * checklogs
set kanal "#logzzz"
set logf2b "/var/log/fail2ban.log"

proc linecount {file} {
        set i 0
        set fid [open $file r]
        while {[gets $fid line] > -1} {incr i}
        close $fid
        return $i

set oldlines [linecount $logf2b]
set filesize [file size $logf2b]

proc checklogs {min hour day mon year} {
    global kanal oldlines logf2b filesize
    if {[file size $logf2b] != $filesize} {
        set newfile [open $logf2b "r"]
        while {1} {
            set line [gets $newfile $oldlines]
            if {[eof $newfile]} {
                close $newfile
            putserv "PRIVMSG $kanal :Fail2Ban $line"
    } else { putserv "PRIVMSG $kanal :No new fail2ban logs!" }

But doesnt work :/

Any solutions or explanations how to make?

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"doesn't work" is useless as a problem report. What does happen? –  glenn jackman Mar 6 '13 at 15:30
This looks very suspicious: set line [gets $newfile $oldlines] –  Donal Fellows Mar 6 '13 at 15:45

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