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My application is already existing in struts 1.1 and i am working on some enhancements.

I need to add new input fields dynamically from DB to existing JSP page.I've added these fields to jsp and I've included new field properties in the respective ActionForm bean.

Everything(CRUD operations) works fine.

But without mentioning these new field properties in ActionForm. can I dynamically set these properties programatically and perform the CRUD operations? can anyone please suggest a solution?

Thanks, Srinivas

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Can you clarify a bit the following: "without mentioning these new field properties in ActionForm, can I dynamically set these properties programmatically and perform the CRUD operations?". Are you referring to something like a org.apache.struts.action.DynaActionForm ? –  user159088 Oct 6 '09 at 13:35
My existing application has below form bean in struts-config.xml Ex:<form-bean type="org.apache.struts.action.DynaActionForm" name="EmployeeData"> <form-property name="empid" type="java.lang.String"/> </form-bean> I have added new fields dynamically from DB(Ex: phone etc)to the Employee JSP page.Since every input field in jsp should have a property in formbean, I need to update the above struts-config.xml with new fields. But I do not want to update struts-config.xml manually. i need to dynamically change EmployeeData formbean programatically. Is there any solution for this? –  Srinivas Oct 6 '09 at 15:04
You could bind the parameters from the request yourself. I do not have the sources of Struts on hand but if I’m not mistaken Struts uses a class named RequestUtils to populate the form with the request parameters. If your purpose is just to avoid hand editing the struts-config.xml file maybe you could replace it with a dynamic generation at compile time. For example, you could place Xdoclet (xdoclet.sourceforge.net/xdoclet/index.html) meta-tags in your code, and use those to create struts-config.xml. –  user159088 Oct 14 '09 at 6:40

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