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I am using dropbox to upload and download files. I want to be able to be notified when a file changes in a certain folder (or if not possible in the entire dropbox account) so that the user is advised. I don't seem to find any way to do it apart from using the delta feature. I found this code:

-(void)restClient:(DBRestClient *)client loadedDeltaEntries:(NSArray *)entries reset:(BOOL)shouldReset cursor:(NSString *)cursor hasMore:(BOOL)hasMore{
for (DBDeltaEntry *file in entries) {
         NSLog(@"File: %@ ", file.metadata.filename );
     }else {
         NSLog(@"Directory: %@  ", file.metadata.filename );

....from this stack overflow question: Using Delta in Dropbox API with iOS

But it gives errors. I found out there is a feature like:

[self.restClient loadDelta:NSString];

But I don't seem to find any examples, and please don't give me a link to the dropbox site which has no sample code at all.

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