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<option value='1'>hello me<option>
<option value='2'>hello world</option>

how can I access a TEXT not VALUE from select box

so I can display HELLO ME or HELLO WORLD instead of 1 & 2.

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Use text together with the :selected form selector:

$('select option:selected').text()

Loop over all options' texts and values:

$('#mySelect option').each(function () {
    console.log(this.text + ' ' + this.value);

Grab all option texts into an array:

var textArr = $('#mySelect option').map(function (i,n) {
    return $(n).text();
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If you want to access the text of the selected option you might use:

$("#list option:selected").text();

Alternatively you could access the option directly this way:

$("#list option[value=2]").text();

#list is the id of the specific select. You should assign an id (e. g. <select id="list">) in order to avoid conflicts with other select tags.

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var text = $(option[value='1']).text();
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