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I am repackaging a new version of a Magento Extension and am running into some trouble.

I am following the instructions found on the Magento Connect site:

The problem comes in the "Save Data and Create the Package" step. I finish entering all the information in the various steps of the extension creator, include all of the files and directories for the extension, I click "Save Data and Create the Package" and nothing happens. Certainly no "The package data has been saved" as it appears is what should happen by other posts that I have read.

I double checked the write permission of the magento/var/connect folder and all appear well.

Are there any settings within Magento that may be off? Is it a permissions issue that I need to dig into further? Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I had the same problem what I did and it actually worked was this command: chmod -R 777 var/ in magento root directory. If you will take a look at the end of the PDF that you provided there is a note in Section F: Load Local Package saying: First you should set write permissions to the appropriate folders.

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Thanks for the answer. I did verify the permissions before I posted and both the var and var/connect folders are all the correct permissions. I just updated them again, just in case. Still having the same result. – Darlene Nyce Mar 6 '13 at 18:35

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