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I have a game which uses a database to store some information. Is it possible to tell visual studio to include the datbase file with each build? Such that the bin folder will contain the application executable and the database. I know I can copy and paste the database each time but I want it to be automatic.

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You certainly can, one way to keep data being updated in the database is to change the DataBase's Copy to output directory property to Copy if newer; ref

It depends on what kind of DB it is, but you can also right click your Project and choose Add existing item, navigate to file and presto.

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I did add the database to my project (right click => include in project), but I think it is building it directly in the .exe. I need it to be on the outside. The include is working though, thanks. –  TheGateKeeper Mar 6 '13 at 16:28

There is a way: set the file's Copy to Output Directory property as Copy Always or Copy if newer.

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