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I am trying to take in words from a file input that only contains strings and store each word separately into a single array (ArrayList is not allowed).

My code below takes in the file input, but takes it in as one chunk. For example, if the file input was "ONE TWO THREE" I want each word to have its own index in the array (array[0] = "ONE", array[1]="TWO" and array[2]="THREE") but my code below just takes the sentence and puts it all in array[0] = "ONE TWO THREE". How can I fix this?

int i = 0;
String wd = "";
while (in.hasNextLine() ) {                
    wd = in.nextLine()  ;
    array[i] = wd;
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If you don't know the exact number of words at first, I would recommend you using a List instead of an array : list.add(wd); –  Rob Mar 6 '13 at 16:30
@Rob ` (no arraylist aloud)` :) –  PermGenError Mar 6 '13 at 16:35
@PremGenError Woops right, I didn't read that sorry. But all Lists are not ArrayLists of course. –  Rob Mar 6 '13 at 16:36
as a tag-on to Rob, if you must return as an array, you can do List.toArray(). @PremGenError a list is not the same as an arraylist –  Aboutblank Mar 6 '13 at 16:36

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Thats happens because you a reading LINES from the file. You can do something like this:

String array[]=in.nextLine().split(" ");
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f the file input was " ONE TWO THREE" i want each word to have its own space in the array so array[0] = ONE, array1=TWO and array[2]=THREE

Use String#split(delim) with white space as delimiter.

String fileInput = "ONE TWO THREE";
String[] array = filrInput.split("\\s");
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Instead of the line

array[i] = wd; // since wd is the whole line, this puts lines in the array

you want to split the line you read in and put the split items in your array.

String[] items = wd.split("\\s+"); // splits on any whitespace
for (String item : items) { // iterate through the items and shove them in the array
    array[i] = item;
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I would set the delimiter to space " " then use .next().

in.useDelimiter(" ");
    wd = in.next();
    //wd will be one word
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