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Short version:

how can we send post data while redirecting to an "external" website? I'm using asp.net MVC and I want to redirect the user to oldwebsite.com/oldlogin.asp when a username is not found, to try to log in the old system.

Long version:


  • We have a site oldwebsite.com with a login form on the index.html.

  • The login form POSTs the data to oldwebsite.com/private/processLogin.asp

  • We have made a new version of this private part of the site: newwebsite.com/newprivate

  • Some customers have been selected to test newwebsite.com/newprivate. Accounts have been made for them in the database for the newprivate system (not linked to the old website).

We want those new users to still be able to use the login form on oldwebsite.com to login to the new system. We have the following plan in mind for achieving this:

  • Make the login form POST to newwebsite.com/newprivate/loginGateway.aspx

  • Upon login, check if the username exists in the new system. If it does, check password etc and route the user to newwebsite.com/newprivate/index.aspx

  • If the username does not exist in the new system, redirect the user to oldwebsite.com/private/processLogin.asp.

Most of this is no problem, except that last step. We need to be able to send post data in the redirect to oldwebsite.com/private/processLogin.asp..

So, how can we send post data while redirecting to an "external" website?

=> I am aware of the javascript solution, but oldwebsite.com currently requires no javascript so this is not the best solution I guess..

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I may be missing something here but if they log in to the old system then the authentication token isn't going to translate to the new site and vice versa so it's redundant. The security implications of having a web server able to redirect your client connection to another site while posting your original data to it would be potentially huge! Imagine a phishing site that mocks your bank login screen, captures your data, then redirects you to the real bank login, you see your account details oblivious to what's happened. An extreme example but makes me think it's not possible from the server. –  Lazarus Oct 6 '09 at 12:40
thanks for the comment –  Thomas Stock Oct 6 '09 at 12:50
Sorry it wasn't of more help but hopefully you could use the info to push back to avoid the need in the first place. Sometimes the best option is 'No' :) –  Lazarus Oct 6 '09 at 12:59
I see your point, but I just tried this: I made a newwebsite.com/test.html which has a form that POSTs to oldwebsite.com/private/processLogin.asp, and I managed to succesfully login. I don't know if this is standard behaviour or just crappy security on oldwebsite.com, but in this situation my question seems valid :-) –  Thomas Stock Oct 6 '09 at 13:07

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I had similar problem. I solve problem flowing this link


I hope it will help

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