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I need to implement a simple messaging functionality in my app . Two users who have installed my app should be able to message each other inside/outside my app . It doesnt need to be real time like a chat app. A bit of latency is acceptable . Should I implement this using a central server and a Google Cloud Messaging service like UrbanAirPush ? Or Should I use socket programming(not very familiar with this ,but I dont mind learning) .

Also , I dont want to use SMS or bluetooth for this . Please advise me on the correct approach to this . UrbanAirpush has a limit , So any other option would be wonderful .

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You can create a free web service in cross-copy You can use this api as a guide

or just Google it.

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Thanks for the quick answer . I would like to know if cross-copy.net uses GCM too ? Because I want to implement something like this on my own .Do you have any pointers on how to go about this ? –  lnreddy Mar 6 '13 at 17:02

Use wifi direct or Network service discovery. Use wifip2p can allow you easily send message/audio/picture to other device nearby, you can check this tutorial: WIFI DIRECT, the NSD is also list there. You can even find sample codes(WIFIServiceDiscoveryActivty) from Android SDK to check some more information.

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