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I've been confused by empty namespaces listed in my doxygen output, when our codebase doesn't even use namespaces (sensitive names redacted):

doxygen class list

The weird thing is these almost match project/class names in our codebase, but not quite. Most of these strings do not exist anywhere in our codebase.

However I did spot that we do have type library (.tlb) files matching several of these 'namespaces':

enter image description here

update : today I realised that this is due to library declarations in ODL files being documented as namespaces. But I don't know how to control this.

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Did you use the latest doxygen version ( – doxygen Mar 7 '13 at 18:57
1.8.something :) only got it a few weeks ago. I've identified the problem as being library declarations in ODL files just today. – Mr. Boy Mar 7 '13 at 19:51

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OK so I determined that these namespaces were from IDL library declarations... e.g anytime in an ODL files I had library ObjectServerLib I got a namespace in doxygen.

My only solution was a combination of file-name and symbol name exclusion patterns and excluding a few individual symbols that didn't meet any naming convention.

I couldn't see a way to stop this library namespace documentation happening completely.

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