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I am developing a website with a JQGrid on it. I am also turning the table to PDF. I want to show table header on every page so that PDF converter I have need to set CSS a property THEAD tag of the table to "display:table-header-group".

So how do I set that CSS property in JQGrid?


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If you examine the structure of the grid created by jqGrid you will see that in consist of multiple dives which contains multiple tables. Which <thead> of which table you want change? Moreover I have not enough experience with display:table-header-group CSS style, but it looks more helpful in the case that you use some other elements as <table>. For example you can use <p> or <div> elements and display structure close to <table>. So I don't understand what is your goal of usage display:table-header-group. –  Oleg Mar 6 '13 at 17:53

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    <row id='13'>
        <cell class='ui-state-error'>15.00</cell>
    <row id='12'>
        <cell class='ui-state-highlight'>1.15</cell>

 cellattr: function () {
    var c = $('cell:eq(1)', arguments[2]).attr('class');
    return c ? " class='" + c + "'": "";

Check this thread

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