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I'm trying to have a very generic function and ordering it to use variables it come across from the outside. I've tried the following (simplified code), but with no use:

set line "found \$find1 at \$find2"
do_search $line

proc do_search {line} {
if {[regexp $exp $string match find1 find2} {
     puts "$line"

However all I get is: found $find1 at $find2 or, if I don't use the \ before the $find, the value of find before I call the function.

Given that this regexp is part of a while loop while parsing a file, I can't use the values after the proc is called.

Any ideas how can it be done?

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For your exact style, you want subst:

if {[regexp $exp $string match find1 find2} {
     puts [subst $line]

But you might consider using format too:

set fmt "found %s at %s"
do_search $fmt

proc do_search {fmt} {
if {[regexp $exp $string match find1 find2} {
     puts [format $fmt $find1 $find2]
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the subset did the trick. exactly what i was looking for, thanks. –  user2141046 Mar 7 '13 at 7:16

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