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I am using TeamCity 7.1. I want to get a list including the last build of each build configuration (build type) that is currently not running. I found this question: TeamCity - How do you get a list of the last finished build of each project through rest api? but the REST URI in the answer did not work for me.


seems to work and gives me all builds that succeeded after failing before.

But the opposite


does not return any builds.

I know that I can get all build types, iterate though them and get the most recent finished build using


("count=1&start=0" may not be necessary) but I am not really sure that what I get is really the latest build. Also this requires many REST calls for all build types. A neat solution would use only one REST call.

Any ideas?

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I tried, both <teamcity-server>/httpAuth/app/rest/builds?locator=sinceBuild:(status:failure) and <teamcity-server>/httpAuth/app/rest/builds?locator=sinceBuild:(status:success) and those are working. The second might not be working for you since you may not be having any builds after the last successful build. Then it will return 0 count. By and large at a time either of them will give you a 0 count because your last build will either be a SUCCESS or a FAILURE. – RinoTom Apr 5 '13 at 10:31

As per the TeamCity REST API documentation from JetBrains, the builds can be located either of the following ways:




This is must to have the buildType is being suffixed by a <buildTypeLocator> as per the current REST API if you are trying to query something under the buildType and <buildTypeLocator> can be id:<btXXX_internal_buildConfiguration_id> or name:<Build_Configuration_name> (Quote from documentation). So it is must that you need to specify build id or build name.

But, the ideal way as you expected will be something like:


Probably, you can raise this up in TeamCity Support I suppose.

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This will not get the last finished build, but all builds. – vidstige Apr 15 '15 at 19:05

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