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I've populated an AppEngine datastore with Entities of Kind "A". I want to leverage JDO so that I can get a list of objects back from my query. My JDO object is "com.example.Person". How can I create a query to say that I want Entities of Kind "A" mapped to "Person"? When I do my query I don't get anything back and the JDOQL looks like below suggesting that it's not querying Kind "A".


Query q = pm.newQuery(Person.class); //I want to specify "A", but how?
q.setFilter("lastName == lastNameParam");
q.setOrdering("height desc");
q.declareParameters("String lastNameParam");

The resulting JDOQL of this is:

Query q = pm.newQuery("select from Person " +
                      "where lastName == lastNameParam " +
                      "parameters String lastNameParam " +
                      "order by height desc");

Update: The documentation states "The entity's kind is derived from the simple name of the class". Does that mean I would have to change Person to A?

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and the log says ? –  DataNucleus Mar 6 '13 at 18:19
I found the question answered here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7616158/… –  WindsurferOak Mar 7 '13 at 18:37

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