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I am trying to build yaml-cpp with cmake and visual studio 2010 in Windows. First I open the file in cmake using the gui-tool, configure and generate. A visual studio solution is generated in the build-folder specified. Then I open the solution in vs10 and build it. Some folders are generated but I can't find any binaries or anything to include in my project. I am not used to c++ or visual studio so this is outside of my comfort zone. Can someone please point me in the right direction as of how to get the yaml-cpp library working?

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Classic Pebkac. After a good nights sleep I found the file in the project. libyaml-cppmdd.lib was generated in the Debug folder. I had forgotten to add .lib to the file ending while adding the file to Additional dependencies to the Linker. Therefore the Linker thought it was a .obj file and complained.

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According to CMakeLists.txt, you should have yaml-cpp.dll at the root of your binary dir (the dir which you used to configure build).

You can try running install target.

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