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I have this schema in MongoDB, many to many relation between Team and Player:


    name: "Team1"
    players: ["1", "2"]
    name: "Team2"
    players: ["1"]


{ id: "1", name: "Player1"}
{ id: "2", name:"Player2"}
{ id: "3", name:"Player3"}

I would like to query all the players that don't belong to any team. Whats the best approach to solve this?

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You need to do that in two steps. In the shell:

// Find all the player ids that are part of teams
var ids = db.teams.distinct('players')

// Find all the players with ids not in that set.
db.players.find({id: {$nin: ids}})


{ "_id": ObjectId("5137947e0f26e0cc03fc3735"), "id": "3", "name": "Player3" }
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