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NOTICE: I'm Using Monodroid, expect C# code.

I'm facing this error when the _recorder.Start() is called.


private void IniciarGrabacion()
        CamcorderProfile camProfile = CamcordeProfile.Get(CamcorderQuality.High);
        String outputFile = "/sdcard/trompiz.mp4";
        _camera.Unlock ();
        _recorder = new MediaRecorder();
        _recorder.Start(); // HERE IS WHERE THE ERROR APPEARS
    catch(Exception ex)
        string error = "Error starting Recording: " + ex.Message;
        Toast.MakeText(Application, error, ToastLength.Long).Show();

The outputFile is hardcoded because i'm still testing. I can confirm that exists because it gets created.

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Does this help? – Aaron He Mar 6 '13 at 19:59
It wasn's a problem on how the camera was being handled. It was on the Profile. Check at my own answer. Thanks for the help though! – Juanu Haedo Mar 6 '13 at 21:01

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I just figured the problem. It wasn't on how the camera was handled. It was the Profile setting.

CamcorderProfile camProfile = CamcordeProfile.Get(CamcorderQuality.High);

Might be a Device bug, but I cant set it to high. To make it work, I changed it to LOW.

CamcorderProfile camProfile = CamcordeProfile.Get(CamcorderQuality.Low);

I have a Zenithink C93 Z283 (H6_2f)

I hope this helps anyone else fighting with this...

Now I have to see how to record on High quality. I know I can because the native camera app records in high....

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