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I'm trying to develop a driver using Visual Studio 12 and WDK 8.0, integrated with it. Also, I want to debug my driver using VM (I'm using Windows 8 for development, so I would like to use build-in Hyper-V for debugging). I've created a Windows 8 VM, configured it using this article. My driver successfully compiled, but VS cannot deploy it on VM. It displays some console-like windows in VM, and they report following problems:

  • "A failure occurred while removing previous driver installations". EndGroup: DriverTestTasks::_DriverPreparation [Failed]
  • "Process failed to complete successfully" EndGroup: DriverTestTasks::_RunProcess [Failed]

After that VS reports that deployment failed.

I read this thread, but what is meant under "debug settings on the host and on the remote were different"

Have anyone faced the same problem?

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It doesn't look to me like your problem is the same as described in that link. Your deployment fails but theirs succeeds. I would try installing it on a real machine to see what happens. – Carey Gregory Mar 8 '13 at 19:51
Well, it seems to me that it is impossible because I currently do not have second PC. Nevertheless, I'll look for it and then try – Ivan Mar 9 '13 at 15:48
You have your development machine, right? Make sure it's backed up and try the install on that. You need to first determine if there's something about the VM causing the problem and that's the easiest way to do it. – Carey Gregory Mar 10 '13 at 4:29

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