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In one cube, I have a composite key in one of my fact tables that uses DateKey + TransactionKey + MemberKey. The DateKey has the datatype of integer and looks like 20130306. This cube is built on server a; dw instance x.

On another linked server (server b), I have dw instance y that has a time dimension commonly used in our organization. The id value on that is the same datatype/format as the Datekey on server a; dw instance x.

I want to link the time dimension to this cube. How do I get this to happen?

As an aside, if I were to model this relationship, how would I treat the foreign key relationship between the time table to the fact table--since the datekey is only a partial fk.

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You can either

  • access server A via the linked server and tie the two tables up in the database prior to entering the cube
  • Create a second data source and tie the fact / dimension up in your cubes Data Source View

To tie the two columns up, you would need to create a column based on the first 8 characters of the DateKey. You could do this using Left(DateKey, 8) either as a Named Query (to replace the table in cube) or as an additional column (temporary or permanent depending on volume) in your database.

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Thanks Daryl! I appreciate the help. – plditallo Mar 8 '13 at 18:27

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