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I am asking this question second time since I didn't get a proper answer earlier.

Following are the steps to better explain my situation:

  1. I'm creating a iOS app in an iPad for my organization.

  2. I have a VPN connection through Junos Pulse in the iPad in order to be in the organization's network. Junos Pulse uses my ntid/password to establish a VPN connection in the iPad.

  3. I want to implement SSO authentication with the Active Directory for my iOS app. I don't want to do it by calling a webservice which will authenticate with active directory. I want to have the user authenticated with the active directory in the iOS app itself.

Is there a way to accomplish this given the above scenario ?

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There is no Kerberos support on iOS, so a clear answer is no. You might want to search my answers. I have answered similar questions before.

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