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I have a php script which runs fine direct from a web page that checks the last modified time of all html files for a site map, However when i run it as a cron job if errors out.

Below is the script, the cron job and the error.

$path = "/home/mydir/"; 

// Open the folder 
$dir_handle = @opendir($path) or die("Unable to open $path"); 

// Loop through the files 
while ($file = readdir($dir_handle)) { 
    if($file == "." || $file == ".." || $file == "index.php" ) 

        if(strpos($file, ".html") !== false) {

php /home/mydir/pdate.php /dev/null && echo "Site Map completed "$(date) >>/var/log/cron.log

Error PHP Warning: filemtime(): stat failed

Any ideas on what i should change for this one please?

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You are in another directory. Either:



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Many thanks. Solved with the solution "filemtime($path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$file)" –  Palm Int Srv Mar 6 '13 at 19:31

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