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We have a number of stored procedures that will need to perform string manipulation on a column in a table.

Can I create a function to do the string manipulation and call it from the SP? If yes, how would I do that?


I have a table named 'Names' and it it has one column named 'DocName'

My SP would look like:

select DocName, MyStrFunc(DocName) as NewName
FROM Names 

MyStrFunc would adjust the passed value and return a string.

We will have many SPs that will need to use MyStrFunc and do not want to duplicate the string manipulation code.

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please read… and close your question. – RandomUs1r Mar 6 '13 at 19:06
I believe that your current question can be summarized as "can I create a user-defined function in SQL Server?" To which the answer is yes, as even cursory research will tell you. If you want to know how to perform a specific string operation, then please first read the documentation, try to find a solution yourself, and post here if you get stuck. – Pondlife Mar 6 '13 at 19:16
No that is not the question. I do know that UDF can be created. All examples I found do much more than simple string manipulation, i.e. they return subsets of tables. – Roy Mar 6 '13 at 22:42
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Here is an example with a user-defined function

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.StringConverter 
    @oldValue varchar(100)
RETURNS varchar(100)
    DECLARE @Result varchar(100)
    -- do your custom manipulation here. this is just an example
    SELECT @Result = upper(@oldValue)
    RETURN @Result

-- and to use it
SELECT x.a as src, dbo.StringConverter(x.a) as converted
   SELECT 'asdf' as a
   ) as  x

-- results
src   converted
asdf  ASDF
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Nice example! +1 – Kaf Mar 6 '13 at 19:31
Perfect. Thank you :) – Roy Mar 6 '13 at 22:42

What you'll want is a scalar-valued function. To create one of these, go to your Object Explorer in SSMS, open the database, open the Programmability folder, then the Functions folder. Right-mouse-button-click on Scalar-Valued Functions folder and click "New Scalar-value function".

This will give you the shell of what you need to create the function. Then you should be able to call that function from anywhere.

Your scalar-value function will need to take a varchar or nvarchar as input--not a column name.

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You cannot have dynamic column names in SQL.

The only way to achieve this is to use dynamic SQL, which comes with its own dangers (SQL Injection being the foremost of which).

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