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I'm trying to figure out how to bill a third party UPS Shipper Account Number using the API, When I try what I have listed below it doesn't work! It says "A single billing option is required per shipment" in the error message. Anyone have any idea whats wrong?

                            $ShipmentConfirmRequestXML->element('AccountNumber', 'XXXXX');
                    $ShipmentConfirmRequestXML->pop(); // end BillShipper 
                $ShipmentConfirmRequestXML->pop(); // end Prepaid
            $ShipmentConfirmRequestXML->pop(); // end PaymentInformation
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Third party billing is not within the Prepaid container. The end result XML should look something like this, based on the UPS API developers guide:


For some reason, the UPS API will always fail with third party billing in test mode, giving a Transient 120001 error, "XML Shipping System is unavailable, please try again later". Switching off test mode fixes the problem - just void the shipment after you've confirmed your code works.

Also, if you ever enter an incorrect account code for third party billing, the same 120001 error will be returned.

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