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I have an array and it has two arrays inside of it...I am able to access what I want for the first row by doing this...

print_r( $_SESSION['shopcart']['cart']['qty']);

How would I write that in a foreach?

Thanks, J

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What is the entire array? –  MichaelRushton Mar 6 '13 at 19:27
I cant really post the entire array as it has delicate information. –  user1269625 Mar 6 '13 at 19:28
False data is fine; we just need to know the structure. –  MichaelRushton Mar 6 '13 at 19:29

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foreach($_SESSION['shopcart']['cart']['qty'] as $value) {
    echo $value;
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you would do something like this:

to dump the array: $_SESSION['shopcart']['cart']

foreach($_SESSION['shopcart']['cart'] as $key=>$value){
    echo $key." => ".$value."<br/>";
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If you want to iterate through multiple dimensions, you can nest foreach as follows:

foreach($_SESSION['shopcart'] as $cart) {
    foreach ($cart as $qty) {
        // do something

Though I'd need a little more information about the array structure and what you really want to do in order to provide usable code, this is probably in the right ballpark.

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I would recommend you you do do like this:

foreach($_SESSION['shopcart'] as $key=>$value){
    if(is_array( $value ) ){
       foreach($value => k1 => $v1){

        //do something here if array 

         echo $k1." => ".$v1."<br/>";
         //do something here if not array 
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