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Trying to use MonkeyRunner to perform some testing and want to use AndroidViewClient to work with EditText widgets.

I believe I am using AndroidViewClient correctly (relevant stuff below), findViewByIdOrRaise() is always throwing an error. I've tried every variant of specifying an ID that came to mind.

Here is a snippet from my activity's XML:

    ... >
    <requestFocus />
<!-- Yes, that is the actual id of my EditText -->

In my MonkeyRunner script I have the following:

device, serialno = ViewClient.connectToDeviceOrExity(serialNo=myDeviceId)
vc = ViewClient(device=device, serialno=serialno)
editTextId = 'id/someText'
    someText = vc.findViewByIdOrRaise(editTextId)
    someText.type('Derp derp derp')
except ViewNotFoundException, e:
    # The comma above is because Jython 2.5.3 does not support the AS keyword
    print ' [*] %s' % (e)

Of course, my code is doing a little more (but not much) than what is shown. I stripped out everything that didn't seem relevant. I will gladly put it all up there, but didn't want to start off with code vomited all up in here.

I've looked at everything I could find on the topic:

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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The latest version of ViewClient gives a unique id to each view in the app. The id format is i/no_id/number. You could use a script called to see the current views. It is located in the examples folder in ViewClient.

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Great, with that I was able to figure it out. Wrote my own methods to find unique ids. For reference, here is the script you mentioned:… – CatShoes Mar 7 '13 at 14:15

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