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Some of my customers are complaining about getting errors when purchasing a product with iOS 6.1.2. The receipt verification (apple code) is failing the following test:

    NSString *localIdentifier                   = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor] UUIDString];
    NSString *purchaseInfoUniqueVendorId        = [purchaseInfoFromTransaction objectForKey:@"unique-vendor-identifier"];
    NSString *verifiedReceiptVendorIdentifier   = [verifiedReceiptReceiptDictionary objectForKey:@"unique_vendor_identifier"];

        if (![purchaseInfoUniqueVendorId isEqualToString:verifiedReceiptVendorIdentifier]
            || ![purchaseInfoUniqueVendorId isEqualToString:localIdentifier])
            // Comment this line out to test in the Simulator.
            [self error:@"verified/local problem"];


Are other people also experiencing this issue?

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YES! I added in-app purchase to an app and it fails for iOS 6.1. The "unique_vendor_identifier" fields does NOT match [[[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor] UUIDString] What to do? –  Christopher Apr 25 '13 at 6:18
ignore that verification... –  Joris Weimar Apr 28 '13 at 13:55

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