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I have 4 checkboxes and a user is required to tick 1 to continue(but may tick more). So I made 4 checkboxes:

    I have blue skin
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="skin" value="Yes" /><br>
    I have blue hair
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="hair" value="Yes" /><br>
    I have blue eyes
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="eyes" value="Yes" /><br>
    I have blue teeth
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="teeth" value="Yes" /><br>

I am looking to store this data. But first of all, I confirm that at least one of these is checked.

if(isset($_POST['sent']) && !(isset($_POST['skin']) || isset($_POST['hair']) || isset($_POST['eyes']) || isset($_POST['teeth'])))

I am not sure this is the best way to achieve this, as I want to store a list of all of these. I am thinking the best way is to use an array.

    I have blue skin
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="blue[]" value="skin" /><br>

And to store this in a text field having imploded it. Being new, I am unsure how to achieve this and the tutorials I am reading are somewhat confusing. Would doing it this way allow me to check instead if the array was empty(rather than 4 seperated isset?). And how would I handle the array using $_POST?

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You could try using name="appearance[skin]", name="appearance[hair]" and so on, then check
if(empty($_POST['appearance'])) or not. If it is empty, then no checkboxes were selected.

You can then access $_POST['appearance']['skin'] and so on, or use
foreach($_POST['appearance'] as $attribute=>$value) to iterate through the selection.

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If no checkbox was clicked, $_POST['appearance'] should not exist at all, i.e. is not set instead of an empty array. But the check empty( $_POST['appearance'] ) would be true in both cases. –  feeela Mar 6 '13 at 20:24
@feeela Yeah, that's what I meant XD Will edit to clarify. –  Niet the Dark Absol Mar 6 '13 at 20:25

You could put all of the fields into an array and then loop through that array and set a flag:

$checkboxes = array('skin', 'hair', 'eyes', 'teeth');

$oneTicked = false;
foreach($checkboxes as $checkbox)
        $oneTicked = true;

Then you can just check if $oneTicked is true.

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Causes undefined index notices for every variable that's not sent. Instead, consider only saving the key names in the $checkboxes array, then check if(empty($_POST[$checkbox])). Also consider breaking out of the loop when one match is found, since it's not necessary to continue searching. –  Niet the Dark Absol Mar 6 '13 at 20:26
Good idea! I've updated my answer thank you. –  Jamesking56 Mar 6 '13 at 20:28
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In the end, I did the following(a lot of poking around got it working).

I have blue skin
    <input class="cbox" type="checkbox" name="blue[]" value="skin" /><br>

All 4 using the same method. Then...

if(isset($_POST['sent']) && empty($_POST['blue'])) {
 $bluedata = mysql_escape_string(implode(",",$_POST['blue']));

Then I wrote that string to the database.

Hope this helps someone.

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