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I am writing a Chrome extension which allows me to translate individual words on a website from one language to another. See my code below:

    function getword(info,tab) {

        console.log("Word " + info.selectionText + " was clicked.");

        //Open a dictionary website             
        url: "http://pl.bab.la/slownik/polski-angielski/" + info.selectionText,




        title: "Translate: %s", 
        onclick: getword,


I'd like to keep the list of all requested words, so later, I can return to them and find out how many of them I have already rememberd. What approaches do you suggest?

  • Should I just keep these words on a hard disk and if so, how to do it with JavaScript or HTML5?

  • Should I use a database? This solution lets me keep there also number of searches for each word and have them ordered by count of requests

  • (Other solution)

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Please use local storage for this. https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/storage.html

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Chrome Storage is assigned to one website. I would like to have somwhere a list of every word I have ever serched. –  bzxcv17 Mar 13 '13 at 20:31
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