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ran into a wall and need some help

I am working on a project, and basically.. when you hover over the image, I need it to "pause". When you mouse out, it toggles back.

I have this working once... but because I am unbinding the event, It only works once.

Can steer me in the right direction? Would be greatly appreciated

here is my snippet:

     $("#overlay1").css("z-index","30").show("slide", { direction: "down" }, 700); 
     $("#pope1").css("z-index","30").hide("slide", { direction: "down" }, 700); 


     $("#overlay1").css("z-index","30").hide("slide", { direction: "down" }, 700); 
     $("#pope1").css("z-index","30").show("slide", { direction: "down" }, 700); 

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I don't think you necessarily need to unbind any events in this situation. Try changing your code to how this jsFiddle is set up:

$('div').on('mouseover mouseout', function(e){
    if(e.type === "mouseover") {
        //mouse over events
    else if(e.type === "mouseout") {
        //mouse out events
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Tried this.. but couldn't get it working unfortunately... – gregdevs Mar 7 '13 at 2:10

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