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Assuming I have a Master-Slave deployment of Redis (1 master, 1 slave) and a client (webapp) that will manage Publish-Subscribe.

  • Can I Publish messages to the slave and will they be "seen" by the master?
  • Or should I use only the Master for Publish and the Slave for Subscribe commands?

I've been looking around but couldn't find the answer. Anyone knows?

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For the typical data you store in Redis, you should only write to the master.

From http://redis.io/topics/replication:

...writes [to slaves] will be discarded if the slave and the master will [sic] resynchronize, or if the slave is restarted...

In fact, starting from v2.6, you can put slaves in slave-read-only mode which would prevent the mistake of writing data to a slave.

The documentation does go on to mention a potential use case for writing data to slaves:

...often there is ephemeral data that is unimportant that can be stored into slaves. For instance clients may take information about reachability of master in the slave instance to coordinate a fail over strategy.

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yes, but is this still true in Publish-Subscribe scenarios? –  Pere Villega Mar 6 '13 at 21:24

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