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I want to use @helper.select form Play 2 template engine where I should specify Seq[(String,String)] containing data for <options>. But I have List<Enum>. And I know rather weakly Scala.

Without this helper I populate <select> using this code:

@for( category <- Categories.values()){
   <option value="@category">@Messages.get( category.getI18NName )</option>

And definition of Category:

public enum Category{
        public String getI18NName(){
            return "category.category1";
        public String getI18NName(){
            return "category.category2";

    public String getI18NName(){
        return null;

For test I used options = options("1" -> "1", "2" -> "2", "3" -> "3", "4" -> "4", "5" -> "5") form Java example of inputRadioGroup in Play2

How can I get Seq[(String,String)] from my List<Enum>?


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You can use a for comprehension here:

for (c <- Category.values()) yield c.name() -> c.getI18NName()

This will return an Array[(String, String)] but scala will handle conversion when the expected type is Seq[(String, String)].

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Thanks. Works perfect! –  nickotinus Mar 7 '13 at 17:50
Great tip when coming from Java, thanks –  Sjaak Trekhaak Aug 26 '13 at 13:17

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