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I've come into this problem a few times and it's a pain. Right now the line if(mysqli_num_rows($result) != 1) gives the error mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given and $result is the result of mysqli_query(). I can't echo $result and I tried the following code to find out what's inside $result with no success

if (!mysqli_query($link, "SET @a:='this will not work'"))
    printf("Error: %s\n", mysqli_error($link));

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_row($result))
    printf("%s\n", $row[0]);

I'm trying to trouble shoot but it's like I come to a dead end because I can't see inside the result of mysqli_query().

How can I find the source of the problem? I'm guessing it's bad SQL syntax but I need more details.

Here is the PHP code where $result is defined

$result = mysqli_query($link, 'SELECT `password`
                        FROM `ajax_login`
                        WHERE userid = \''.$userName.'\' LIMIT 1');
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can you post the relevant code as well, not just bits and unconnected pieces? – Marko D Mar 6 '13 at 21:32
post the whole php code please. we need to see where you set $result as well. – kennypu Mar 6 '13 at 21:36

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Are you checking the error code/message? Something like:


(of course, you wouldn't use die in production)

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That led me to the problem. I had forgotten the table name had changed. – Celeritas Mar 6 '13 at 22:47

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