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I am trying to change the color of a div element on a keydown and keyup but i just cant seem to get it to work. Ive check every example i can find on the internet but my code will just not seem to work.

All of the examples i find seem to use a form input text field as a target for the keypress. I dont want to do that. here is my code:

    if(e.which == 'A')
        alert('key was pressed');
        $(#k1).css('background-color', "blue");

My thought is that $(document) is not the correct thing to have there because the function is never called. But because all the examples i find use a textfield input, i just cant figure out what to put there.

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Have you tried with $("#k1") – Roko C. Buljan Mar 6 '13 at 21:41


    if(e.which == 65){
        alert('Pressed key was: '+ e.which );
        $("#k1").css( { backgroundColor:"blue" } );

If you need $('input') instead of $(document) feel free to use it,
65 is the event.which for A

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Couple of things. Firstly, the event.which will return a number which correlates to a key. And secondly, your jquery target needs to be a string. So, change the =='A' to ==65 and $(#k1) to $("#k1") and it will work. Here is a demo:


 if(e.which == 65)
    alert('A key was pressed');
    $("#k1").css('background-color', "blue");

Note on key code numbers:

The range is from 65-90 for A to Z. Thus A is 65, Z is 90, and R is 82.

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I noticed that stuff but as i said before, the function is never called in the first place. I'm not even reaching those errors yet even though i already fixed them. The problem has something to do with 'document' – brettgag Mar 6 '13 at 22:05
hmm actually maybe this does work. thanks for the demo – brettgag Mar 6 '13 at 22:07

I've trapped keyup and keydown events using .live:

$("#my_id").live('keydown',function(event) {



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.live is deprecated! And why would it help in this case? – bfavaretto Mar 6 '13 at 21:41

Your which condition isn't valid. Should be 65 as others mentioned.

If you scroll down, you can type in any key and see the which value of each key.

Alternatively, you can do

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