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I am learning jQuery and I would like to find out how to re-use ajax json data without having to make a second request.


Categories Select Box:

<select id="Categories">
    <option value="Vegetables">Vegetables</option>
    <option value="Fruits">Fruits</option>

When the Category is changed using jQuery("#Categories").change(function(){..., an ajax call get request pulls the following ajax data.


And then the Products select box is updated as follows:

<select id="Products">
     <option value="1">Apples</option>
     <option value="3">Oranges</option>

Now what I want to do, is have an input box for the required weight. That way, when the value of the input #weight is changed, a total label will also get updated with the price.

jQuery('#weight').bind('input', function() { 
   jQuery("#total").text( "£ " + (jQuery('#weight').val() * SOMETHING ).toFixed(2) ); 

Note the SOMETHING... This should be something like...

data.PricePerKilo WHERE data.Id = jQuery("#products").val();

Any ideas on how to make the json data reusable?

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You can associate arbitrary data with a DOM element with .data(). Use the following to store it, after fetching the JSON:

jQuery("#products").data('productData', myData);

Then retrieve it with this:

var myData = jQuery("#products").data('productData');
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Thank you for your help!!! –  Gravy Mar 6 '13 at 22:13

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