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So I'm working in microsoft sql server report builder and here is essentially what I'm trying to do in code:

(Under report variables)

vChargeStatusID = Lookup(Fields!CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_ID.Value, Parameters!CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_ID.Value, Fields!CHARGE_STATUS_ID.Value, "DataSet1")

(As an expression for a filter)

Lookup(Variables!vChargeStatusID.Value, Fields!CHARGE_STATUS_FK.Value, Fields!CONTRACT_NUMBER.Value, "DataSet1")

I've tried using the variable and the expression for the variable to try to create another calculated field, but no luck. I keep getting the error that I can't use nested lookup functions.

Basically what I'm trying to do is, first, find two things that are equal to each other to retrieve a number. Then I need to take that number and match it to something else to finally return the contract number.

I cannot figure this out.

Any help would be great.

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So, a very simple way to accomplish this is to place a field on your report (TextBox1.value) that will hold your first lookup value.

For example, your first look up will return a vendor ID (DataSet2) from a customer order (DataSet1).

TextBox1.expression = Lookup(Fields!CustOrderID.Value,Fields!CustOrder_ID2.Value,Fields!VendorID.Value,"DataSet2")

But now you need to find the vendor name from a Vendor Master table (DataSet3). You can do another look up to the Vendor Master table using the ReportItems!TextBox1.value as the first value of the look up. That way you do not get the scope issue.

TextBox2.expression = Lookup(ReportItems!Textbox1.value,Fields!VendorID.Value,Fields!VendorName.Value,"DataSet3")
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All credit goes to my boss who figured this out!

Step one: Create another dataset, which is embedded. This dataset then has a filter that takes a field, in this case it's CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_ID, and evaluated it be true to the parameter, pCreditCardTransactionID. This makes sure that the second dataset is ONLY going to display to me the Contract number, which is the very last thing I needed from the Lookup Function.

Step two: Create an internal parameter that the default value is set to the field CONTRACT_NUMBER from the second dataset (ContractNumberLookup).

Step three: Create a filter on the table. The CONTRACT_NUMBER from the original dataset is set to equal the internal parameter.

Tada! I hope this helps. If any clarification is needed, let me know!

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