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I can't get the function to do some storing of values on another page and outputting it on the next page. For example, I have dog.html and cat.html that has a submit button respectively. I want to get the inputs of dog.html and cat.html and output the values on pay.html(after clicking the submit button in cat.html

I have this code in pay4.html where I can get the value from the previous page.

function getParams(){
var idx = document.URL.indexOf('?');
var params = new Array();
if (idx != -1) {
var pairs = document.URL.substring(idx+1, document.URL.length).split('&');
for (var i=0; i<pairs.length; i++){
nameVal = pairs[i].split('=');
params[nameVal[0]] = nameVal[1];
return params;
params = getParams();
Name = unescape(params["Name"]);
Address = unescape(params["Address"]);
ContactNo = unescape(params["ContactNo"]);
Email = unescape(params["Email"]);
document.write("Name: " + Name + "<br>");
document.write("Address: " + Address + "<br>");
document.write("Contact number: " + ContactNo + "<br>");
document.write("E-mail: " + Email + "<br>");

I need to do this to input again in some pages before outputting all the values I entered.

<form name="info" action="pay1.html" type=GET>
<form name="info" action="pay2.html" type=GET>
<form name="info" action="pay3.html" type=GET>
<form name="info" action="pay4.html" type=GET>
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Try using cookies to carry your data across several pages (assuming they're on same domain). If it was running on a server, you can use sessions.

Read more at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/DOM/document.cookie

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