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I'm using the Supersized jQuery plugin for an image gallery.

How can I link to a specific image in a supersized gallery from an external page?

Here is my code from jquery page:



slideshow:   1, 
autoplay: 0,            
start_slide : document.write (location

stop_loop: 0,           
random: 0,

thumb_links: 1,
thumbnail_navigation: 0,

{image : 'photos/BE_oct14-4.jpg', title : 'slide0', thumb : '', url : ''}, {image : 'photos/cinqueterre-4.jpg', title : 'slide1', thumb : '', url : ''},

and the link from the external html page: < href="photos.html#im=3>

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What have you tried so far ? –  benzonico Mar 6 '13 at 22:43

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You can add external pictures as you add local pictures to your slides array:

slides : [
    {image : 'http://externalURL/pic01.jpg', title : 'pic01', thumb : 'http://externalURL/pic01T.jpg', url : 'http://anyUrl'},
    {image : 'http://externalURL/pic02.jpg', title : 'pic02', thumb : 'http://externalURL/pic02T.jpg', url : 'http://anyUrl'},
    {image : 'localPath/pic01.jpg', title : 'pic01_l', thumb : 'localPath/pic01T.jpg', url : 'http://anyUrl'}
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