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In previous versions of Ember, the javacsript event object would be passed as a parameter to the event handling function of the route. In RC1 it is no longer passed. I also can not find any way to get the view object from the route. I am build a form to upload a file to the backend datastore using the FormData object. I know I could handle the event within the view rather than the route, but I would prefer to handle all events that change router state in the router itself.

This code worked in previous versions:

add_asset: Ember.Route.extend({
   upload: function(router, event) {
      var form =;
      var view = event.view;
      var form_data = new FormData(form);
      var uploadModel = new App.Asset();
      var success_callback = function(){
         router.transitionTo('root.portfolios.show_portfolio', event.context)
      var error_callback = function() {
         console.log('error uploading');
      uploadModel.upload(form_data, success_callback, error_callback);

I am unable to find a way to get either the event object or view object from with the route event handler. Is this possible? Thanks.

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